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Silent Reading Fluency: The Bridge to Comprehension

Reading Plus is a web-based program that transforms how, what, and why students read. It is the only Common Core aligned reading intervention that prepares students to engage with complex text by developing all three dimensions of successful readers—capacity, efficiency, and motivation—which are the foundation of success.

Reading Plus® is a comprehensive, evidence based software solution for reading assessment and improvement that develops foundational fluency skills for students of all ages. It is the result of over 70 years of research and development in the area of reading improvement technology. Reading Plus® addresses all the elements of reading cited by the National Reading Panel including: Vocabulary, Comprehension and, what is most important, Fluency.

Reading Plus® is designed to ensure high success reading experiences for struggling and average readers who need effective reading practice to become proficient, or advanced readers who need to increase their speed and vocabulary. Structured activities are individualized for each student’s needs to ensure development of the “unseen and unheard” fluency skills that are taught the least and tested the most.

Does Reading Plus work? You bet!

Reading Plus has been evaluated at the elementary, middle school, high school, AND college levels. It has consistently been found to increase reader performance on a wide range of targeted outcomes. You can check out all the many studies on the Reading Plus research page. A few of the findings include:

Miami Dade County District Independent Study

Dade County Public Schools conducted an independent analysis of interventions used within their district. The analysis examined students in grades 3 through 10 who were at different levels of ability. The analysis was conducted to determine the effectiveness of programs in improving students’ reading and/or math FCAT scores.

The results showed that Reading Plus had a significant positive effect for students of all ability levels and at all grade levels. This report was also conducted for the 2010/2011 school year with nearly identical results leading Miami Dade Public Schools to state that Reading Plus was found to have a consistent beneficial impact on the achievement of the students who used the program.

Reading Plus Learners Perform Significantly Better than Controls

The Relationship Between a Silent Reading Fluency Instructional Protocol on Students’ Reading Comprehension and Achievement in an Urban School Setting


Timothy Rasinski, S. Jay Samuels, Elfrieda Hiebert, and Yaacov Petscher


Reading Psychology, Vol. 32, No. 1, January 2011, pp. 75-97


The study examined a large-scale implementation of Reading Plus to validate the effects as well as the feasibility of deployment of Reading Plus within a wide range of school settings. A total of 16,143 students from grades 4 through 10 in 23 schools in Regions II and III in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools participated in the study.


Results indicated that students participating in Reading Plus for a minimum of 40 or more lessons over approximately six months made significantly greater gains on both the criterion-referenced and norm-referenced reading tests that are part of the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT) than students who did not participate in the program. Positive results also were demonstrated for various subpopulations often considered at risk for reading difficulties. African-American, Latino-American, special education, and learning disabled students who participated in the Reading Plus intervention demonstrated significantly and substantially greater gains in measures of reading achievement on both the CRT and NRT portions of the FCAT than students not participating in the intervention.

Reading Plus is the leading producer of silent reading assessments and remediation solutions. They offer unique, patented products, technology, and implementation strategies that build the foundation for academic, vocational, and real-world success. And Academic Edge Kentucky is your sole provider for Reading Plus sales and support in Kentucky.

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